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These sites are all owned and/or designed by friends and colleagues, or I just love the site or the product! Just about every site here is run by one or just a few people.

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... Resources and communities ...

Digital Women Women with their modems running

Creative Enterprises A professional community of small business owners

4ParentsNetwork Ages and stages of parenting advice

The Mom Pack Moms in business promoting each other

The Virtual Business Group When work and family seems to be a never-ending juggle of time.

Faith at Home Rxplore and enjoy your faith with your kids! Tips & ideas, articles, book reviews, and more.

imomspot "We do the surfing, so moms don't have to!"

A Moms Love Online magazine for Moms... grab a cup of coffee or herbal tea and cozy up to read inspirational stories by inspirational moms. The place for women! Marketing solutions for the Christian community

Women of Indy Women in Business... Indianapolis and the World

A-Wedding Day A community, a specialty bridal mall, an e-zine.

... Fun sites ...

Keystone Contest Connection! Do you feel lucky? We can make you a winner! Contest design, promotion, and maintenance.

Charlie The Llama As seen on Animal Planet and Japanese TV Do you publish an ezine or newsletter? Maybe you just like to explore new websites in your area of interest? Visit EzinesPlus.

Creative Enterprises  ..  The Mom Pack  ..  Parents Network
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