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Welcome to the web site of the December '95 mailing list. This Internet mailing list was formed in late spring 1995; the members are all parents of children born in or due in December 1995.

Throughout our pregnancies we chatted about everything from nursery decor to Braxton-Hicks contractions, and then began posting and reading our own birth stories. Those of us whose children were born later read those birth stories with curiosity, trepidation, and growing excitement. Soon all our babies had arrived safely, and we had become virtual companions on the journey as parents.

Now our Dec95 kids are five-and-a-half-year-olds! Many of the original list members are still subscribed, and some new folks have joined us. We've comforted and advised each other through hospital stays and other difficult times. Now we share fresh ideas for crafts, outings, recipes, and frugal shopping tips, and talk about everything from favorite books and cute things our kids say and do, to those first teeth becoming loose or lost and members' new babies.

We hope you find something of interest here on our web site. Enjoy!

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