The Busy Parents' Cookbook

by members of the December 1995 Parents mailing list


These recipes are our mainstays for busy nights, busy days, crazy weeks, our entire lives as parents of young children! This cookbook came about when a list member pleaded for fast and easy dinner recipes. We threw in some other favorite recipes too... and here's what resulted.

We focus on dinner

Yummy things for other times...

  • Appetizers Tidbits to eat, dips, spreads, and drinks. Time to throw a party?

  • Desserts and other sweets ~ not yet ready

  • Breakfast ~ not yet ready

  • Breads and other baking ~ not yet ready

  • Mixes, gifts, fun with kids ~ not yet ready

Tips, hints, conversions

  • Weights, measures, and temperatures Wondering how many tablespoons in a cup measure, or the metric equivalent of that cup measure? What does "soft ball" mean, anyway? Check here for help.

  • Substitutions Are you out of an ingredient, or do you want to "skinny up" a recipe? Maybe these suggestions can help.

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